Microcosmos Fiction Magazine

Issue 1 of Microcosmos Fiction is available exclusively for subscribers to my newsletter, The Rambler. You can use the form at the top right of this page to sign up.

This collection will surprise and entertain. The five stories included are:

‘An LP Record’, in which a young man gets a job as a driver for a rock star but begins to wonder exactly who it is he’s working for.

‘A Pig For Mijnheer Descartes’, in which a seventeenth-century French philosopher living in Amsterdam learns a thing or two about animals.

‘The Prize’, in which a solitary amateur historian wins a prize draw but gets more than he bargained for.

‘Revenge’, in which the damage to a vintage watch leads to violence and, well, revenge.

‘The Assassins’, in which an obscure artist in early twentieth-century Vienna realises that there are people out to get him.