My name is Kit Ward and I’m a writer of mysteries and histories. Let’s begin with the mysteries.

Calypso Bergère Mysteries

The Calypso Bergère Mysteries are published under my pen name, JP Sorel, and set in 1930s France. There are three books, all novellas, available right now:

Calypso and the Severed Portrait

Calypso and the Christmas Map

Calypso and the Accidental Recording

Each of these books has an average 4+ stars on Amazon and GoodReads, and you can get the first in the series for 99p or 99¢ in the Amazon stores. I plan to make the books available in other stores such as Apple Books and Kobo in the next twelve months.

The fourth book in the series, a full-length novel, will be released later this year.

Why did I use a different pen name for those books? Well,, because my first books were non-fiction, and I didn’t want to confuse readers who might not be interested in fiction. Which brings me on to the histories.

City Trails

I started my writing life by blogging about British places and history. The blog is called These Islands, and while its focus remains the same, there are occasional digressions.

I have published two London history trails:

City of Verse: A London Poetry Trail

City of Song: A London Sixties Music Trail

These books are available in the Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo stores. The third book in the series, an Oxford history trail, should be available later this year.

Web and Social Media

This website is where you can find information about my books and where to buy them, news on what’s in the pipeline, and blog posts on whatever happens to have caught my attention.

My other website, These Islands, is where I write about Britain, mostly its places and history, with the odd digression.

You can follow me on Facebook and you can also find me on GoodReads, where I have separate author pages for my two pen names: Kit Ward and JP Sorel.

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